Mensagem de fm de ano do Presidente da ProGEO (Dez/2001)

Dear ProGEO Friends!

Today is the last day of 2001. Step by step the year 2001 is going in the past. I think, in general, it was a difficult year but for ProGEO it was a normal one. On the level of ProGEO the year was relatively calm but very hard work has been done in the Working Groups and on National level (I would especially like to note the events in Turkey and Portugal). As always I am an optimist expecting an even more successful New 2002 Year! Four will be the most important goals of ProGEO in the coming New Year. As I see them they are as follows:

The first goal will be the successful organization of the consecutive ProGEO Meeting for election for president in Ireland in September 2002. The New ProGEO President has to be elected hoping that our Association will continue to be the leader or one of the leaders in the geoconservation of Europe and why not in the World!

The second important goal of ProGEO during the New 2002 Year will be further consolidation and development of the already established ProGEO Working Groups Nos. 1, 2 and 3 as well as the formal organization of the South ProGEO Working Group. I hope very much the Friends from this part of Europe will do their best to come to Dublin in September organized in ProGEO Working Group No. 4. Realizing this very important goal we have to think about the stabilization and development of all National ProGEO Groups.

The third very important goal of ProGEO during the new 2002 Year will be the realization of Gerard's Manual Project "Geoconservation in Europe". You will receive soon the respective information for the preparation of every country's paper and I really hope to receive your papers as soon as possible. Many of your papers have already been written and will need updating only. I think you will be able to do this in a short time. I am sure you will agree with me that this manual will be very important for our Association because through it we will inform the European authorities and the world on all we have done and achieved by now in the field of geoconservation.

And finally, the fourth important goal of ProGEO will be to continue the development of the Geosites Project of IUGS and UNESCO lead by our Executive Secretary because through this Project ProGEO will reach further heights! Of course we should never forget to look for other international and national projects.

But stop/basta talking about work only. It is already time to begin with the greetings. Dear Friends, my cordial greetings to you and your families with wishes for very good health, personal luck and prosperity during the New 2002 Year! Good chance and cheers! Sincerely yours, Todor

Prof. Todor Todorov ProGEO President